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About K&B Liberty Farms

K&B Liberty Farms is a veteran owned and family operated farm. We have 67 acres that is utilized for livestock and market gardens.  Everything on our farm is how nature intended. We use regenerative agriculture methods in how we raise our livestock and grow our produce.

Our livestock is pasture-raised with rotational grazing patterns on our different paddocks.  The cows are grass-fed and during the winter months they will be provided organic hay and minerals. After the cows rotate to a different paddocks of land, the chicken will follow and graze.  Chickens are great with helping to fertilize the soil.  Chickens help spread the cow manure over a larger area, and the eat they fly larva which helps reduce the fly population in the pastures.  Chickens eat bugs and grass but we will also provide them with organic chicken feed.  


 Nothing we do is a secret.  We want other upcoming farmers and veterans to see our successes and mistakes.  Please take a look at our BLOG or our social media pages for videos, tips, and our progress as we start building our farm.

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