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We met in 2015, while serving on Active Duty in the Army. As pilots and both Warrant Officers, we already had a ton in common.  Just a year later we were married and the rest is history!!  We have five amazing kiddos, Alex, Kaden, Kensley, Isaac, and Mason. We are one BIG family and we LOVE every minute of it!  

Before our transition from Active Duty, we looked and looked for the perfect home.  We wanted a home that we could see ourselves not only raising our family in, but a place that we could hand down to future generations.  We wanted to have big family gatherings and enough land to raise livestock and grow market gardens.  When we saw the "Farm on Fogel" online, we knew right then, it was the one.  It took one tour of the house and property and we were sold.

We have 67 acres, with big plans to raise chickens, cows, goats, and sheep and eventually grow a big market garden.  The kids LOVE it here.  We are all working together to build up this family farm and we are enjoying every minute


About K&B Liberty Farms

K&B Liberty Farms is a veteran owned and family operated farm. We have 67 acres that will be utilized for livestock and market gardens.  Everything on our farm will be how nature intended.

Our livestock is pasture-raised with rotational grazing patterns on our different paddocks.  The cows are grass-fed and during the winter months they will be provided organic hay and minerals. After the cows rotate to a different paddocks of land, the chicken will follow and graze.  Chickens are great with helping to fertilize the soil.  Chickens help spread the cow manure over a larger area, and the eat they fly larva which helps reduce the fly population in the pastures.  Chickens eat bugs and grass but we will also provide them with organic chicken feed.  


 Nothing we do will be a secret.  We want other upcoming farmers and veterans to see our successes and mistakes.  Please take a look at our BLOG or our social media pages for videos, tips, and our progress as we start building our farm.


We have two types of chickens on our farm.  Our broiler (meat) chickens are a Cornish Cross and our egg-layers are a Novogen Brown and Plymouth Rock.  All of our chickens will be pasture-raised and on rotational-grazing schedule. 

The Cornish Cross will graze under our chicken tractors that we built. The chicken tractors provide shelter from outside elements and aerial predators. They are on wheels, so chickens can graze freely and move out from underneath them with ease.  Three chicken tractors will be lined up in a 25 X 50 foot space, with an electric fence surrounding the entire area.  This is to keep predators from entering the area and to keep the birds in one grazing area before they moved.  These chickens will be raised on the farm seasonally, from late February to early November. 

The Novogen Brown cross will have a similar grazing schedule as the Cornish Cross.  The big difference is, instead of using chicken tractors, they will use a chicken wagon.  The wagon will consist of 48 nesting boxes for the chickens to lay their eggs.  From dawn until dusk, the chicken will be able to graze freely, like the broiler chickens, however from dusk until dawn they will inside the coop on the chicken wagon.  The egg-layers will also have an electric fence that surrounds their grazing area to protect them from nearby predators.  Also, they will on our farm year round, unlike our broiler chickens.

Our BLOG and Facebook contains videos and descriptions and how we built our chicken tractors and our chickens wagons.  We will also discuss in our videos the reasons to why we decided to use these types of methods.  We want our chickens to graze in the sunlight and be able to eat food that is natural to them.  No added or hormones, graze on fields that are free from chemicals and fertilizers, and live the way nature intended them to live.  


Corydon, IN  47112

(502) 550-6961


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