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  • How many acres do you have?
    We have 67 acres. Of the 67 acres, 15 is used a wildlife refuge, 10 is wooded areas, and 32 will be used for our pastures.
  • What kind of livestock do you have?
    We just purchased our chickens and cows!! We have a total of 300 chicks, 100 Novogen Brown crosses and 200 Cornish Cross broiler chicks, on the way! We also just bought three mama/calf pairs that are a Black Angus and Gelbvieh cross. Next year we plan on adding sheep and goats to the mix. Stay tuned for updates!
  • What is the difference between cage-free and pasture-raised?
    Labels and marketing schemes can be very tricky. Many consumers are looking to buy farm fresh eggs, that are humanely raised. When consumers see cage-free, it is thought that the chickens are free to roam. However, this is not the case. Cage-free is a literal term. All it means is they are not in a cage. The chickens could have less than a square foot between themselves and another chicken, raised inside a barn, never see sunlight, and all the while be considered “cage-free.” It’s a marketing strategy. Pasture-raised means that the chickens are grazing outside on the pastures. However, still look at your labels and see how much square footage each chicken is getting. Also, some farms have broiler chickens all year round and in the winter, bring them inside a barn. They will still claim pasture-raised on the label. We welcome our consumers to visit our farm and to watch all of our videos. We are completely transparent on how we raise our chickens and how much square footage they will get!
  • How can I purchase your prodcuts?
    There are several ways you can buy our products. We are offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership. Details about the CSA are on the Shop Products tab of the website. We take cash, checks, money sent via Zelle or credit card. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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