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CSA Memberships

K&B Liberty Farms is not responsible to give a refund unless the CSA member moves out of the area or if the member experiences a personal/financial hardship. Refunds will be prorated. Refunds for reasons of personal preference will impose a hardship on our farm, which has already incurred time and expenses for the CSA membership. If a CSA member wishes to cancel for personal preference reasons, that member agrees to try and recruit a replacement member. The farm will grant refund requests for personal reasons on a discretionary basis.


The CSA member's purchase indicates agreement with some shared risk. If, due to weather, predators, or other events beyond the farm’s control, total share volume will be reduced by half or more over the remainder of the season. The CSA member will receive a refund, prorated as to the remainder of the season. 


CSA members must coordinate with the farm five days prior to the delivery date for the specific time and place for the delivery. If the member is a no-show without any notice to the farm, the product is eligible for donation.  Of course they can be unforeseen circumstances; so please ensure to communicate with the farm if there is a reason that a delivery needs to be rescheduled.  

Important communications from the farm will be delivered via email or text and that opening these emails and texts is the CSA member's responsibility.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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