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Our Story

Meet Kris and Brittney

We met in 2015, while serving on active duty in the US Army.  We both are pilots and flew helicopters and fixed wing for the Army.  About a year after we met, we were married and the rest is history!!  We have five amazing kiddos, Alex, Kaden, Kensley, Isaac, and Mason. We are one BIG family and we LOVE every minute of it!  

Before our transition from Active Duty, we looked and looked for the perfect home. We wanted a home that we could see ourselves not only raising our family in, but a place that we could hand down to future generations.  We wanted to have big family gatherings and enough land to raise livestock and grow market gardens.  When we saw the "Farm on Fogel" online, we knew right then, it was the one.  It took one tour of the house and property and we were sold.

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