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The K&B Liberty Veteran Coalition, Inc. is a non-profit in the making.  We have not revived our 501(c)(3) status yet, but we are working on it! Many have question us on the reason why we want to start a non-profit.  We understand and know the hard work that will be required to get it going, but we also know it's near and dear to our hearts and that it is something that our community needs.

Since the end of Summer 2020, we have been donating eggs and chicken to Liberty Place and Hope Southern Indiana.  Both of these great organizations support Veterans and our local community. 


Our farm has decided to start giving back! We are donating products grown on our farm to local homeless shelters that house veterans. This is the first of many ways we would like to see our farm involved with our fellow veteran community.

As a new farm, we need your help. We created a GoFundMe to help us pay for the costs required to grow the food so we can continue to donate to our veterans.

Right now we are donating just our chicken and eggs but we hope in the future we can donate much more. As we grow our farm, we will have market gardens and beef. 

If you follow us on social media, you know that we do a lot of live videos and talk about the mistakes and triumphs that we've made along the way. We would love to create workshops for veterans who are interested in farming. We would teach them everything we know and have learned along the way, and also give them a temporary job on the farm so they can learn first hand what it's like to be a farmer.

With everything going on in today's world, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back and pay it forward. We love being veterans and we all share this amazing bond of serving our great country. There are so many veterans that need our support, and this is just one way we feel like we can give back.

If you are interested in donating, please select the link below. 

Vets Feeding Vets

Our first donation to Liberty Place.  We donated 76 pounds of chicken halves and 16 dozen eggs.  We cannot wait to continue to work with this great organization that serves our veterans in need.

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