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Our very own, made from scratch, CHICKEN WAGON!

Today was a big step for our chicken wagon! We finally have our barn back and moved it out! (Annnnd it barely made it out of the barn doors!!!) Our chicken wagon (coop) will be for our egg layers and is mobile so we can we rotate them to different pastures, just like we are doing with our meat chickens. Watch our video below to see how the big move went!

So, by now, if you have been following our facebook, you have heard us mention our chicken wagon and chicken tractors. Our wagon is the mobile chicken coop for our egg layers and the chicken tractors are the mobile shelters for the broiler (meat) chickens. The chicken wagon is almost finished and it has been our big project since November. It has a total of 48 nesting boxes and will be the home to all our egg layers. Take a look at the progress below!

As you can see it started out as a rusty old wagon frame that we found on Facebook marketplace. When you are starting out new in the farming business, we highly recommend that you buy used. It saves you so much money. You can also research all the different types of coops and decide on the type you like. Some websites even have plans with all the dimensions required for what you have in mind. We found many styles that we liked so we did some blending and created our own design that matched the style of our current barn.

We do caution you on using scrap wood. There are some websites that will say for beginners to use scrap lumber to save on costs. However, using treated wood gives you the durability and longevity that you would want for your chickens. Chickens poop, A LOT. They are messy. Using wood that won't rot after a little poop and urine hits it, is definitely the way to go.

We lined the bottom of the coop with a raised steel floor. Chicken wire can be pretty flimsy and with the amount the hens that we will have in this coop, we wanted something a little more durable.

The nesting boxes are on each side of the wagon and straw will be placed in each box. Ten roosting bars will be placed from floor to ceiling, spaced a foot apart. We are currently finishing up the ceiling and the finishing touches. We can't wait for everyone to see the final product!

Did I mention we are veteran owned? Well, we are, and we are building all of our materials! From the chicken tractors, to the chicken wagon, to the cows' mineral cart. Everything is built right here on our farm!

We are also a family operated farm. Our kiddos aren't the only helpers, we are blessed to have our parents help. Bruce Bogart, Brittney's Dad, was an engineer prior to his retirement and he's been a huge help. He's also an Air Force veteran, so it's veterans helping veterans on this farm!

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