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We tagged our baby calf!

Last week during the move between pastures, we were able to isolate the newest calf from here mama. The calf was stuck in a corner and could not navigate around the gates, so we used the confusion she had to our advantage.

The rest of the cows, including the baby bull, were enjoying the fresh grasses in the new pasture, so they weren't aware of the situation. Most of the time, the mamas or the other cows, will not let a calf get between them and other people. However, because of the move and the excitement, none of the other cows were getting upset.

Kris was able to carry the calf to the horse stall so we could tag her. During that time, I was able to pet her and calm her so she could get used to us and reduce her anxiety and stress while she was away from her mother. Mason was also able to meet her and boy was he excited!!!

The calf didn’t seem to notice that she was tagged. She didn’t move or flinch at all. After she was tagged, we let her go and find her way back to her mama and the other cows. Just another eventful day at the farm!

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