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Vets Feeding Vets

I know that we have not written a blog post in a while. We apologize. We have been sharing our journey on social media and with our full-time jobs, the farm, and just life in general we haven‘t been posting on our blog as frequent. I’d like to share with you our latest venture. We have always wanted to get more involved in our local community and we are finally established enough with our farm that we can share it with others. We have reached out to the local veteran affairs office and got a list of shelters in our area that house homeless veterans. We will begin donating food that we produce on our farm to these shelters to help feed those who are not fortunate enough to have homes of their own.

We created a GoFundMe to help us raise money awareness to this cause. For every dollar donated, we will in turn donate the equivalent amount of food to these shelters. Raising livestock is no easy feat. Every dollar helps and helps a veteran get quality food in their shelter. If you cannot donate, please share our story to family and friends. We are trying to spread the word. Thank you and god bless.

Best regards,

Brittney Hobt


K&B Liberty Farms

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