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The day we became cattle farmers

The day we received our cows was a huge day for our farm and our neighbors!!! Our cows are a Black Angus and Gelbvieh cross. We cannot think Karen and Mark Foster enough for providing us with our cows!

The neighbors and ourselves decided that we would purchase our cows from the same farm and graze our cows together. It didn't make much sense to have all this land, just to separate the herds. Also, it is a great way to ensure the livestock is taken care of during vacations.

Since our cows are not dairy cows, they are a little more skittish around people. With that being said, we try to go into their pasture daily so they get used to us. Always remember when dealing with a mama and her calf, do not get between them. Cows are very protective of their young. Even when they are the "babysitters" they still will not hesitate to protect the calf if they think it will be in danger.

Our cows will be roationally grazed from paddock to paddock. As first time cattle farmers, we are hesitant to use the back pastures until all the calves are born. With that being said, we will not start rotating them until late April / early May. However, as it gets warmer we may divide up the front pasture that way the chickens can start rotating in after the cows.

Please stay tuned for more updates!!!

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